About us

"Arcon Development" is a new direction of the construction company "Arcon", which has been operating in the market since 2010. The company has already implemented up to ten development projects in the last 4 years in the main districts of Tbilisi. These development projects and 12 years of operation in the construction market (with more than 35 construction projects) have shown us the basic needs of a single apartment seeker and families, as well as the undeniable role of construction and development in the protection of the city development and environment. We deeply believe, that construction in the modern world has gone beyond the idea of ​​having a roof and its main challenge is to harmonize with the environment and ensure a quality human life. That is why we do not just offer living spaces, but, we create valuable spaces where people and relationships are the main concern!

We create emotion and relationships with our projects and developed infrastructure!

The construction servise for Arcon Development projects provides Arcon Construction LLC.